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The entire estate is offered for sale for the first time in its history. The seller will accept any currency, however, in the equivalent conversion. Be sure to check the PURCHASE ALTERNATIVES tab for an alternative price and property option that may better suit your needs. The total price for the entire property is $4,990,000 US dollars or its equivalent in any other acceptable currency. But it’s first come, first serve; so check out the alternatives.

Sundance Estate provides a truly unique living experience. It’s an ideal retreat or remote corporate setting. It has served the seller as home for many memory-lasting years.

Close to the lakeside community of Coolin on the south end of pristine Priest Lake it is an enviable getaway. Sundance Estate is virtually surrounded by Idaho State Forest with the only exception being the north end of the property which opens to a neighbor’s hay field out of sight from the Sundance house, more than half a mile away.

Designed for year-round living, the main house has incorporated some of the latest technology and finer design elements in eco-green living. Of the two wells on the property, one produces 60 gallons of water per minute. That means there’s little or no chance of ever running dry at this location.

Buyers must pre-qualify before being shown. If this even moderately interests you, call before it sells.

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