Navigable Water belongs to the State of Idaho by Regulation

But land ownership determines who has access. In the case of Lee Lake, access is by permission only via whomever owns this beautiful, scenic ranch land or custom home retreat.

The following quote is from an article posted on ModernPrepper. Read the entire piece on value of water here.

Why would you want to own the access to a small North Idaho Lake? I mean, really, with at least 55 lakes in the Panhandle, is there not enough water to fish or play on? Is it really necessary or desirable to have your own private access?


Sundance Estate: Private Access to Healthy Water Ecosystem

I and ModernPrepper answer that question with a firm YES. Of course it is worth the money! The reason is not just control of access, but health itself and possibly survival are key issues in a watershed value such as that available under options at the Sundance Estate.

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