The dangers of wildfire are always present in a hot dry summer. Such a testimony is present below in this quote concerning the fires still active in Oregon. We’ve seen the same in Washington and California. In 1967, the historically famous Sundance Fire, which grew out of a controlled burn on the south side of the Sundance Mountain, seen in the background of this property photo, raced across the Selkirk Mountain range all the way to the Canadian border near Porthill north of Bonners Ferry. It did that extraordinary run in just 24 hours.

This residence, parked quietly above the western shore of Lee Lake provides a true outdoor living experience. It would be like living in a national park only without the crowds of people. Wildlife and birds are abundant and the house is designed to enhance one’s relationship to this exquisite outdoor environment.

The Sundance Property however has never had a wildfire burn and the reason is the abundance of water in the ground table coming from the many mountain springs that feed Lee Lake and it’s micro-watershed. Lots of water means the trees are not so dry and not so apt to explode in disastrous fire like we’re seeing in Oregon.

Cranberry Peat-Bog

Lee Lake, privately accessed, because it sits inside the boundaries of the Sundance Estate, is a cranberry peat-bog lake, spring fed, glacially created. As such, it is a complete ecosystem of sustainable life, unchanged since long before man arrived. Photo credits by Dwayne Parsons

Add to water factor that the 105 acres of the Sundance Estate has some 50 acres or so in natural mountain meadow, with its beautiful grasses worthy of harvesting as hay.

Here is a quote from OregonLive:

Growing wildfires across the state are prompting thousands to prepare to evacuate their homes as state firefighters try to contain the blazes. Here’s a rundown of some of the most significant wildfires burning right now.

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The property also has an evacuation heliport seen in the opening video which means medical support is only 15 to 25 minutes from Sandpoint and Coeur d’Alene medical centers. You won’t find a much safer place to live than this fine property, only 1.5 miles from the resort town of Coolin on Priest Lake.

Have questions? Contact Dwayne Parsons here. I’m delighted to show this property (by appointment) and I know it quite well. I was 19 when the Sundance Fire blew up. I saw it the evening before as a small smoke cloud rising from the controlled burn. The next morning…smoke covered the view from our Priest Lake shoreline. You couldn’t see across the lake. Picked up by winds, the fire rushed across the mountain ridges in a fiery blaze much like we’re seeing in Oregon right now. Not a stick or branch or tree, however, was even remotely tinged or burnt on the Sundance Estate property.

Source: Wildfires continue to prompt evacuations as flames spread across Oregon

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